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Holidays – Round 1

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I haven’t been on a bike since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That morning my chain was really slipping; especially while climbing. On the way home I went straight to the bike shop expecting to leave the bike and walk home.
The local bike shop, The Dutch Wheelman, provides great service. I got a new chain and cassette in 15 minutes. While I was waiting I sent Jacob a text telling him I’d be a few minutes late because I stopped to get a new cassette.
When I got home he was very puzzled asking me what in the world I needed a cassette for!?

Not that, this….

IMG_1424.JPG It’s the only shiny part on my bike and works much better now. I put just over 8000 miles on that bike in the last year and a half.
Anyhow, I drove to work Wednesday due to a snow storm and a ton of cooking to do after work. I made my own (vegan) food to take to my Mom’s house for the holiday. I made roasted vegetables with quinoa, sprouted whole wheat bread stuffing, sweet potato casserole and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake- all vegan.
Jacob and I (Brian had to work..boo!) left for the 2 and a half hour drive Thursday morning with it looking more like Christmas outside.

IMG_1426.JPG It also looked more like Christmas as we were setting the tables to eat.

IMG_1425.JPG But, it always looks like Christmas at their house. We over-ate then did dishes for an hour. After sitting and catching up with family for a little while my cousin convinced me to go to Walmart with her!?!? She said she needed toilet paper (jokingly). My cousin Kate, my son, my brother and I went.

IMG_1428.JPG It was a madhouse. At one point I was looking for a price on something and couldn’t find it. Kate, not thinking yelled “It’s free!” Immediately she realized what a mistake that was. A man next to her said “Do you have a death wish? Let me get away from you before you start yelling that!” We all had a laugh about it and moved on without being trampled. We each bought a few items and got out.
Jacob and I came home Friday. Brian had the day off and we sat around watching football. Holiday sloth.
This morning I managed to get out for a slow run.

IMG_1427.JPG We had some morning snow so I waited for the roads to clear and then went. There were some slippery spots, but I took it easy. My left Achilles’ tendon is still really sore. Maybe some new running shoes would help…
When will I get out on my bike again?

Oh yeah…Also, while at my parent’s house I asked Mom if she had a Christmas sweater I could borrow for Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work. I knew she had a couple to choose from.




I had no idea there were that many!


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