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I rode my bike to work this morning somehow refusing to believe that it would snow.  I expected rain; it was about 40 degrees.

I don’t have any windows in my office, but I usually keep a live campus cam (that refreshes every 10 seconds) on my second monitor. A co-worker came in the office today and said “look out your window, it’s snowing”.  It was really snowing; huge flakes.

The ground quickly turned white but the roads were clear. It looked to be okay to ride home, though  I do have a bail-out option. My husband works about 2-3 miles from my work. If necessary I can ride or get a ride there and take his car home. I foolishly decided to ride all the way home (10.5 miles the direct/shortest route).

The first 4 miles were wet but okay. I decided to pull over and put on rain pants since the snowflakes were huge and soaking wet. Mistake. The slushy snow clumped into my cleats. I fumbled with my snow covered mittens and foggy glasses and then noticed that roads were suddenly covered too. I didn’t bother putting on the rain pants since it was taking too long. I fought to get my feet back in the pedals with the slush caked cleats but I got going. The roads were getting bad. I was completely covered in snow and my bike was getting clumped with slush too. My glasses kept getting covered in snow. The snowflakes were huge. At least the road wasn’t slippery. 

I pulled off again at the fairgrounds under cover to clean off some snow. 

I finally put on the rain pants, but I was soaked when I got home. Everything was soaked. My helmet was a snow helmet.

I have wet stuff everywhere that needs to dry for tomorrow and the start of 30 Days of Biking.  I hope the roads clear and don’t freeze.  I hope my stuff dries.

What a crazy ride!


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