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The Numbers – 2014

I love riding my bike and the numbers aren’t that important, but they’re something I can’t help but keep track of all year long. In the three years that I’ve really been riding and tracking miles, this is my best biking year.

Here’s how it all ended for 2014:

Total biking miles – 8,300
Broken down as 5,310 transport miles with 5,005.34 of them as commuting to work. The other 2,990 were sport miles or joy rides. I biked to work 212 of the 242 working days. I also had two months that I rode over 1,000 miles. A first (and second) for me.

By the month:
January 268
February 290
March 587
April 816
May 903
June 1,020
July 1,010
August 842
September 902
October 689
November 483
December 489

By the bike:
Trek 1.2 Road bike – 3061
Cannondale commuter – 4111
Trek 930 (converted to a commuter with slicks) – 902
Trek 520 (only had it for two weeks so far) – 226

On average I rode 159.6 miles per week or 22.7 per day. That’s a lot of time behind bars!


On another note…..running.
I only ran 164 miles this year.
That averages out to one 5k per week. In the two previous years I ran an average of 9+ miles per week and over 500 for the year.

I hope to do more in 2015 running and biking.
See you out there!


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Holidays – Round 1

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I haven’t been on a bike since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That morning my chain was really slipping; especially while climbing. On the way home I went straight to the bike shop expecting to leave the bike and walk home.
The local bike shop, The Dutch Wheelman, provides great service. I got a new chain and cassette in 15 minutes. While I was waiting I sent Jacob a text telling him I’d be a few minutes late because I stopped to get a new cassette.
When I got home he was very puzzled asking me what in the world I needed a cassette for!?

Not that, this….

IMG_1424.JPG It’s the only shiny part on my bike and works much better now. I put just over 8000 miles on that bike in the last year and a half.
Anyhow, I drove to work Wednesday due to a snow storm and a ton of cooking to do after work. I made my own (vegan) food to take to my Mom’s house for the holiday. I made roasted vegetables with quinoa, sprouted whole wheat bread stuffing, sweet potato casserole and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake- all vegan.
Jacob and I (Brian had to work..boo!) left for the 2 and a half hour drive Thursday morning with it looking more like Christmas outside.

IMG_1426.JPG It also looked more like Christmas as we were setting the tables to eat.

IMG_1425.JPG But, it always looks like Christmas at their house. We over-ate then did dishes for an hour. After sitting and catching up with family for a little while my cousin convinced me to go to Walmart with her!?!? She said she needed toilet paper (jokingly). My cousin Kate, my son, my brother and I went.

IMG_1428.JPG It was a madhouse. At one point I was looking for a price on something and couldn’t find it. Kate, not thinking yelled “It’s free!” Immediately she realized what a mistake that was. A man next to her said “Do you have a death wish? Let me get away from you before you start yelling that!” We all had a laugh about it and moved on without being trampled. We each bought a few items and got out.
Jacob and I came home Friday. Brian had the day off and we sat around watching football. Holiday sloth.
This morning I managed to get out for a slow run.

IMG_1427.JPG We had some morning snow so I waited for the roads to clear and then went. There were some slippery spots, but I took it easy. My left Achilles’ tendon is still really sore. Maybe some new running shoes would help…
When will I get out on my bike again?

Oh yeah…Also, while at my parent’s house I asked Mom if she had a Christmas sweater I could borrow for Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work. I knew she had a couple to choose from.




I had no idea there were that many!

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