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Errandonnee: 8, 9 & 10

Tuesday, 3/8/16

Jury Duty Selection….
I ( thought I ) couldn’t take my phone to the courthouse, so I have some map shots of the ride track and total mileage on my watch. It turns out that you can check your phone at the door.


3/8/16 Errandonnee No. 8

Destination: Bloomin Bagels II
Category: Personal care – I needed breakfast and coffee before going for jury duty selection.
Bike: Trek 930 beater
Miles: 1
Observation: I forgot to stop the Garmin while inside getting my bagel and coffee.  It looks like I was going in ( big )circles.

3/8/16, Errandonnee No. 9

Destination: Columbia County Courthouse – Jury duty selection
Category: Wild card
Bike: Trek 930, beater
Miles: 3.5
Observation: There’s a lot of people here for jury selection.

3/8/16, Errandonnee No. 10

Destination: Dutch Wheelman
Category: personal business – I paid my bike club dues.
Bike: Trek 1.2 road bike
Miles: 32.9
Observation: It was a beautiful day to take the long way.



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A new (old) bike

We had a horrible never-ending winter.  My road bike has been sitting in the basement since December.  I have been riding my Trek 520 exclusively since I got it in December because I really like it and the weather has been awful.

I planned to ride yesterday, but it wasn’t until noon when I got a phone call from a bike friend asking me if I was going to ride that I decided knew I was getting out the road bike.  My biking friends all but disappeared from the roads for the last few months.  We meet weekly for bagels, but none of them really rode over the winter. It was nice to get a call to ride.

I was excited to get a new bike ready to ride. I pulled it out of the basement (it’s so light!….even though it’s aluminum, not carbon fiber) wiped off the cobwebs, pumped up the tires, gave it a quick clean, swapped the seat pack with flat repair kit from my 520 and lubed the chain.

My riding partner arrived at my house and we took off into the cold wind. I felt so powerful on the light bike. I had forgotten what a difference it was to ride that bike compared to my loaded (for work) steel touring bike.  The rolling terrain was a breeze on this light weight bike!

I did notice two issues. 1. I’m so used to disc brakes that I wasn’t sure if my road bike brakes were functioning properly. 2. I kept looking for or reaching for my bar ends to shift. It actually startled me once when I didn’t see the shifters on the bar ends.  So I think the brakes need a minor adjustment and I’ll get used to the simple brifter shifting after riding it more….oh and I may be due for a new rear tire soon.

Oh how I missed this bike! It felt like riding a new bike.

I still love my 520, but I’m so ready to get back to the long weekend rides on the roadie.

On the road (bike) again.

On the road (bike) again.

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