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Errandonnee: 11 & 12

Final two Errandonnee trips.

3/9/16, Errandonnee No. 11

Destination: Geisinger Medical Center
Category: work
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 23.84 round trip
Observation: What a beautiful day. 75° on the way home. Allergy season is starting already.

3/11/16, Errandonnee No. 12

Destination: Dutch Wheelman bike shop
Category: Social call, birthday party
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 11.9
Observation: I really need rear brake pads!

The Errandonnee is done another year. All that’s left is to submit the control card.
Thanks to Mary at Chasing Mailboxes for another fun challenge.


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The Numbers – 2014

I love riding my bike and the numbers aren’t that important, but they’re something I can’t help but keep track of all year long. In the three years that I’ve really been riding and tracking miles, this is my best biking year.

Here’s how it all ended for 2014:

Total biking miles – 8,300
Broken down as 5,310 transport miles with 5,005.34 of them as commuting to work. The other 2,990 were sport miles or joy rides. I biked to work 212 of the 242 working days. I also had two months that I rode over 1,000 miles. A first (and second) for me.

By the month:
January 268
February 290
March 587
April 816
May 903
June 1,020
July 1,010
August 842
September 902
October 689
November 483
December 489

By the bike:
Trek 1.2 Road bike – 3061
Cannondale commuter – 4111
Trek 930 (converted to a commuter with slicks) – 902
Trek 520 (only had it for two weeks so far) – 226

On average I rode 159.6 miles per week or 22.7 per day. That’s a lot of time behind bars!


On another note…..running.
I only ran 164 miles this year.
That averages out to one 5k per week. In the two previous years I ran an average of 9+ miles per week and over 500 for the year.

I hope to do more in 2015 running and biking.
See you out there!

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Does anyone really ride with this stuff? My rides in the rain do not resemble this at all.

Does anyone really ride with this stuff? My rides in the rain do not resemble this at all.

I rode to work today as usual.

It was cold and raining (sleeting, snowing, WET) when I left work.  Home was 10.6 miles away if I took the most direct route.  My husband’s workplace and his car were about 3 miles away.  Did I mention it was cold and wet?

I started pedaling towards home, but not even one mile out I decided to detour to the car. My legs were soaked and cold when I got to the parking lot at his work. I always carry his car key in case of a wimp out, emergency or mechanical problem.  This was a wimp out.

I unlocked the car, opened the trunk to get the bike rack “arms” out and threw my wet panniers in the trunk.  It was dark and pouring so I kept my helmet with headlamp on while I loaded the bike. A guy walked past me and said “You’re really hardcore!” I laughed. I thought to myself, no I’m not; this is a wimp out.  This isn’t like the morning a week or so back when it was about 10 degrees and a random woman stopped her car to ask me if I wanted a ride.  That day I said “No thanks, I have a car.” …..I just didn’t want to use it. No wimp out that day.

I must admit the heated seats in the car were quite pleasing to my cold butt.  I drove to the bike shop to order my Birthmas present.  I’ll show you when I get it.

Now I have to stay awake long enough to pick up my husband from work.

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