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Errandonnee: 11 & 12

Final two Errandonnee trips.

3/9/16, Errandonnee No. 11

Destination: Geisinger Medical Center
Category: work
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 23.84 round trip
Observation: What a beautiful day. 75° on the way home. Allergy season is starting already.

3/11/16, Errandonnee No. 12

Destination: Dutch Wheelman bike shop
Category: Social call, birthday party
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 11.9
Observation: I really need rear brake pads!

The Errandonnee is done another year. All that’s left is to submit the control card.
Thanks to Mary at Chasing Mailboxes for another fun challenge.


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Final Coffeeneuring Ride – #7

I had a mission for this ride; bike shop then coffee.  My work bike has been making all sorts of noises lately.  The kind of noises that scream “clean me!” while also slowly driving you nuts.  I cleaned the bike in the basement then headed to the bike shop to deal with disc brake noise.


They have been doing some remodeling at the shop and it’s looking great.  Ronnie took care of my squeak and I browsed around the shop before heading out for coffee.


Coffeeneur #7

  1. Sheetz, Route 11 Bloomsburg, PA
  2. 11/14/15
  3. Sheetz Bros. French Roast coffee, black, to go
  4. I was going to get Dunkin Donuts coffee, but there was a huge line.  I went further East and got a Sheetz coffee knowing that I would get to fight the headwind coming home.  My husband and I already drank a pot of coffee in the morning, but I wanted more.  He remarked that he didn’t want anymore so I went for my cup while he was (asleep) on the couch watching football.
  5. Sheetz isn’t really bike friendly.  There’s plenty of stuff to lock to, but no bike rack.  I just leaned my bike against a wall where I could keep an eye on it.  I wasn’t in there long and I brought my thermos to carry the coffee home.
  6. 7 miles on my Trek 520 touring/commuter.


Bike friendly? No.


Into the thermos for the ride home.


I wish I was headed the same way that flag is blowing.


Back home to watch some football on the couch with my coffee. And wouldn’t you know it, my husband wanted another pot of coffee later in the day.

Another year of Coffeeneuring done.  Thanks to Chasing Mailboxes for hosting again.

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Does anyone really ride with this stuff? My rides in the rain do not resemble this at all.

Does anyone really ride with this stuff? My rides in the rain do not resemble this at all.

I rode to work today as usual.

It was cold and raining (sleeting, snowing, WET) when I left work.  Home was 10.6 miles away if I took the most direct route.  My husband’s workplace and his car were about 3 miles away.  Did I mention it was cold and wet?

I started pedaling towards home, but not even one mile out I decided to detour to the car. My legs were soaked and cold when I got to the parking lot at his work. I always carry his car key in case of a wimp out, emergency or mechanical problem.  This was a wimp out.

I unlocked the car, opened the trunk to get the bike rack “arms” out and threw my wet panniers in the trunk.  It was dark and pouring so I kept my helmet with headlamp on while I loaded the bike. A guy walked past me and said “You’re really hardcore!” I laughed. I thought to myself, no I’m not; this is a wimp out.  This isn’t like the morning a week or so back when it was about 10 degrees and a random woman stopped her car to ask me if I wanted a ride.  That day I said “No thanks, I have a car.” …..I just didn’t want to use it. No wimp out that day.

I must admit the heated seats in the car were quite pleasing to my cold butt.  I drove to the bike shop to order my Birthmas present.  I’ll show you when I get it.

Now I have to stay awake long enough to pick up my husband from work.

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Coffeeneuring – 2014

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this challenge this year, but after a quick run to Dunkin’ I’m done.

Coffee #1 –


1. Fog & Flame Cafe, Main Street Bloomsburg, PA
2. 10/04/14
3. Guatemala Roast (black) and a Vegan Whoopie Pie
4. This was actually my second coffee ride of the day, but only one can count. Jacob and I rode into town to one of few real coffee shops nearby. Jacob came along for hot chocolate, cookies and WiFi. I enjoyed a dark roast and sinfully rich Vegan whoopie pie! The location is not really bike friendly. You might be able to glimpse a tiny peak of our bikes in the upper left corner of the shot. They are locked around a light post out front.
5. 4.3 miles, Cannondale Commuter

Coffee #2 –


1. Bloomin’ Bagels II, Locust Court Bloomsburg, PA
2. 10/11/14
3. 1854 Roast (black) and a PB & J Bagel
4. The Saturday morning ride was rained out so I met my friend Mary for one of our weekly coffee talks. She’s been watching her carbs, but indulged this day (hence the picture). Not really bike friendly. Once again I’m locked to a light post out front. Shortly after we were seated the college students started pouring in for their breakfast bagels.
5. 2.7 miles – light rain, Cannondale Commuter

Coffee #3 –


1. Panera Bread, Buckhorn Shopping Plaza Buckhorn, PA (Bloomsburg)
2. 10/18/14
3. Dark Roast (black) and a Green Power Smoothie
4. Again, this was my second coffee trip of the day. We did coffee and bagels after the morning ride, then Jacob and I rode to Panera Bread in the early evening. This time we are locked to a sign post out front (bikes visible through the window).
5. 8.9 miles – in the dark on the return trip, Cannondale Commuter

Coffee #4 –




1. Sheetz, Columbia Blvd., Bloomsburg, PA
2. 10/26/14
3. Soy Cappuccino
4. It was such a nice weekend. Saturday I did a ride through the Gettysburg Battlefield with the Philly Bike Club and today I toodled on my bike after doing a short run. I got a nice shot of an old railroad bridge and the covered bridge that I ride through every day on my work commute. I decided to try something different at Sheetz as we are severely lacking in coffee shops around here. I had a soy cappuccino and it wasn’t awful. I also ran into a former co-worker as I was sipping my caffeine outside. She reminded me of how happy I am that I quit that job. My bike was locked to one of the outdoor tables….nothing bike friendly around here.
5. 11.4 miles, Cannondale Commuter

Coffee #5


1. Bloomin’ Bagels, Main Street Bloomsburg, PA (different location than #2)
2. 11/8/14
3. Dark Roast (black) and a PB & J blueberry bagel (seen in the picture)
4. I rode to the bike shop to meet a few people at noon (no more 7:30AM rides since the time change) for a short ride. We did the Berwick/Nescopeck loop and then got bagels. This is our routine. Meet at the shop, ride and then get bagels next door after the ride. Everyone else changes out of their bike clothes to eat except me because I ride to the shop and have to ride home after our coffee. I don’t remember what was going on during this picture; it looks like Bob is having a “Doh” moment and Tom is laughing at him. This place is only bike friendly in that it’s next door to the bike shop. My bike is parked at the shop.
5. 35.41 miles, Trek road bike

Coffee #6


1. Unity Mart, corner of East and 7th St. Bloomsburg, PA
2. 11/15/14
3. Green Mountain Coffee Dark Espresso Roast (black)
4. I stopped for this coffee for two reasons – I was frozen and I needed to do a coffeeneur ride Saturday and Sunday to officially finish. I rode to the bike shop earlier to meet two guys from my regular Saturday group. The rest of the usual gang didn’t want to ride because it was pretty cold. We ended up going with three other guys that were at the shop….. some of “the maniacs”. They told us to come along with them because they were going easy and we’d be able to keep up. They went just a couple miles further than we were planning, but did much more climbing. I kept up, except for a couple bigger hills. They waited for me at the top since I wasn’t too far back. We rode out to Slabtown, on to Ringtown Mountain, all through the area where my husband grew up and back to the shop. Low temp of 33. I was cold and my toes were numb long before we got back. I stopped for a coffee on the way home from the shop. Not a bike friendly convenience store, but I didn’t need to worry about not having a lock. A guy I know was out front filling his diesel truck while I went in for coffee. He kept an eye on my wheels.
5. 41.74 miles, Trek road bike

Coffee #7


1. Dunkin Donuts, Columbia Blvd. Bloomsburg, PA
2. 11/16/14
3. Dark Roast (black)
4. America runs on Dunkin…..I don’t really like their coffee, but now that they have the dark roast I’m in. Crunch time to do the last Coffeeneur ride. I spent the day shopping…I hate shopping. As soon as it started getting dark, I started getting tired. Time for coffee. I made the short ride to Dunkin for a dark roast and got a bagel (their bagels are no where near as good as Bloomin Bagels – true NY bagels, but oh well…) for dinner. It’s barely a two mile round trip, but I stretched it out to stop for the Sunday paper. And once again, not a bike friendly place. I’m locked to a light post.
5. 2.39 miles, in the dark, Cannondale Commuter

Thanks for the motivation to get out for a few extra rides. I’m looking forward to the next challenge.


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