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Horsey 100 – part 1

My husband and I left home for Kentucky on Friday (way back on May 22nd) morning. We had about 600 miles of driving ahead of us. What a great guy, he drove most of the trip. Since I was a passenger for so long I tried to get some pictures. Most of them didn’t turn out so well since we were going 70 mph.

Taking pictures at 70mph isn’t easy. i missed the MD sign, but got WV.

So many mountains in WV! When we finally got to Kentucky I missed the sign. I only got “Wel” for the Welcome to Kentucky.

I almost completely missed the KY sign; I only caught the edge.

We arrived at our hotel late according to B. Check-in was at 3 and we arrived around 4:30; late.  We unloaded, B relaxed after a lot of driving and I went to Georgetown College to get my registration packet and shop at the mini Expo.  I bought socks, Sword berry sport drink mix,  a cap and some Gu.  I went back to the hotel, got my gear ready for the ride and we both relaxed and went to sleep early.

I got up early and rode to the start. The suggested start time for the century was 8am, but I left around 7:30 so I didn’t have to rush.  The plan for this trip was to ride with two of my regular biking friends from home.  They had been in KY since Wednesday but I managed to miss them at the registration pick-up (we were late). They planned to do the metric century on Saturday and tried to get me to do that one too. I made my mind up a while back that I was doing the full century and I didn’t give in; I would ride with them Sunday.

The campus of Georgetown College ready to start the century ride.

I rode by myself for a while then met a small group that invited me to ride with them. They were really nice people, from Kentucky, but I can’t remember all their names.  I stuck with them for 50-60 miles, through several rest stops. I finally went on my own because I didn’t want to spend so much time stopped at the rest areas.

Spending the day behind bars.


Kentucky’s capitol building.


A tilted garden over a fountain at the capitol.


An old distillery.



I wasnt’t expecting this; a castle in Kentucky.


The fanciest farm we saw. A huge house, several huge barns, a pond and it’s own horse track.



The end of the century. Brian wanted a picture so I rode around the circle and crossed the finish line again.

My husband wanted a picture of how greasy my leg was after the ride.


Four months to update this, but more to come. Dancing in the streets, another ride with friends this time and a long drive back to PA.



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