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Errandonnee: 11 & 12

Final two Errandonnee trips.

3/9/16, Errandonnee No. 11

Destination: Geisinger Medical Center
Category: work
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 23.84 round trip
Observation: What a beautiful day. 75° on the way home. Allergy season is starting already.

3/11/16, Errandonnee No. 12

Destination: Dutch Wheelman bike shop
Category: Social call, birthday party
Bike: Trek 520 disc
Miles: 11.9
Observation: I really need rear brake pads!

The Errandonnee is done another year. All that’s left is to submit the control card.
Thanks to Mary at Chasing Mailboxes for another fun challenge.


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Errandonnee: You carried WHAT?…. A dozen eggs



3/7/16, Errandonnee No. 7
For the record, they are peanut butter eggs & there were 11 ( I gave one to my co-worker).

Someone at work was selling these beautiful homemade peanut butter Easter eggs. They are certainly “contaminated” for me (any food that is not vegan), but my family will eat them.

I tried to cushion the container inside a box. I nestled it in with my extra morning layers since it was 25° then and 60° now.


I secured the box on my rack with bungee cords. The box was even marked fragile…. Funny since it was a box full of latex free Band-Aids. I never realized how bumpy the roads are until I was trying not to scramble the eggs during the ride.


I arrived home with the box still secured to the rack. It was time to unveil them and check for damage.

Most of them ended up being deflowered and really beat up. The poor things. They were so nice looking before. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll taste just as good.



Category: You carried WHAT on your bike?
Destination: Home
Bike: Trek 520 commuter
Observation: The route home is bumpy.
Miles: 11.8

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Errandonnee #1 – Work

3/4/16, Errandonnee No. 1


Category: work
Destination: Geisinger Medical Center
Bike: Trek 520 Disc touring bike/ everyday commuter.
Observation: I thought maybe I should have brought the winter bike (studded tired) today, but my regular bike was okay.
Miles: 23.6 total

I didn’t realize it was snowing until I left the house. It started as just a few flurries, but then it was laying on the road just enough to make it slippery. My regular bike did ok as long as I stuck to the clear spots. The slushy shoulder was slick.
It was clear coming home. I’m so glad it’s Friday!

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The Rewards of 2015


I ride my bike….a lot. I keep track of the mileage all the time. I don’t know why I track it, but I do. It’s kind of an ocd thing.

In 2014 I rode 8300 miles. In 2015 I wanted to beat that number. As the year came closer to the end I knew I was going to beat that 8300; in fact, I had it beat in November. Now what?

Try for 9000? December mileage in PA depends heavily on the weather. I got lucky. It was mild. Hell, it was 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, but the holidays also make it difficult to get out and ride. I rode steadily all month. My longest ride was only 39 miles and by New Year’s Eve day I only needed 14 miles (to reach 9000) and I had to work that day. My commute is about 24 miles round trip. I did it! And I came home the long way. 9013 total miles for the year.

My biking friends knew I was going for 9000. Most of them (the hardcore bunch) rode around 4000-6000 miles for the year, so some of them thought I was a little crazy for going for 9.

We all met for bagels on a Saturday morning in January and they presented me with the tacky trophy and a Shut Up Legs t-shirt. I ride with a great group of people.

So, now what? 10,000?

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Final Coffeeneuring Ride – #7

I had a mission for this ride; bike shop then coffee.  My work bike has been making all sorts of noises lately.  The kind of noises that scream “clean me!” while also slowly driving you nuts.  I cleaned the bike in the basement then headed to the bike shop to deal with disc brake noise.


They have been doing some remodeling at the shop and it’s looking great.  Ronnie took care of my squeak and I browsed around the shop before heading out for coffee.


Coffeeneur #7

  1. Sheetz, Route 11 Bloomsburg, PA
  2. 11/14/15
  3. Sheetz Bros. French Roast coffee, black, to go
  4. I was going to get Dunkin Donuts coffee, but there was a huge line.  I went further East and got a Sheetz coffee knowing that I would get to fight the headwind coming home.  My husband and I already drank a pot of coffee in the morning, but I wanted more.  He remarked that he didn’t want anymore so I went for my cup while he was (asleep) on the couch watching football.
  5. Sheetz isn’t really bike friendly.  There’s plenty of stuff to lock to, but no bike rack.  I just leaned my bike against a wall where I could keep an eye on it.  I wasn’t in there long and I brought my thermos to carry the coffee home.
  6. 7 miles on my Trek 520 touring/commuter.


Bike friendly? No.


Into the thermos for the ride home.


I wish I was headed the same way that flag is blowing.


Back home to watch some football on the couch with my coffee. And wouldn’t you know it, my husband wanted another pot of coffee later in the day.

Another year of Coffeeneuring done.  Thanks to Chasing Mailboxes for hosting again.

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I rode my bike to work this morning somehow refusing to believe that it would snow.  I expected rain; it was about 40 degrees.

I don’t have any windows in my office, but I usually keep a live campus cam (that refreshes every 10 seconds) on my second monitor. A co-worker came in the office today and said “look out your window, it’s snowing”.  It was really snowing; huge flakes.

The ground quickly turned white but the roads were clear. It looked to be okay to ride home, though  I do have a bail-out option. My husband works about 2-3 miles from my work. If necessary I can ride or get a ride there and take his car home. I foolishly decided to ride all the way home (10.5 miles the direct/shortest route).

The first 4 miles were wet but okay. I decided to pull over and put on rain pants since the snowflakes were huge and soaking wet. Mistake. The slushy snow clumped into my cleats. I fumbled with my snow covered mittens and foggy glasses and then noticed that roads were suddenly covered too. I didn’t bother putting on the rain pants since it was taking too long. I fought to get my feet back in the pedals with the slush caked cleats but I got going. The roads were getting bad. I was completely covered in snow and my bike was getting clumped with slush too. My glasses kept getting covered in snow. The snowflakes were huge. At least the road wasn’t slippery. 

I pulled off again at the fairgrounds under cover to clean off some snow. 

I finally put on the rain pants, but I was soaked when I got home. Everything was soaked. My helmet was a snow helmet.

I have wet stuff everywhere that needs to dry for tomorrow and the start of 30 Days of Biking.  I hope the roads clear and don’t freeze.  I hope my stuff dries.

What a crazy ride!

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It’s Cold Outside


This winter doesn’t seem to be any better than last year’s winter with the Polar Vortexes.  January only gave me 228 miles of riding including only 8 commutes to work.  I rode through wind, snow and some really cold temperatures. I drove even more through dangerous wind chills, ice and roads heavily covered in snow.


I ride when I can.  If the roads are dry I don’t care if it’s 0 degrees; I’m riding.  25 degrees is starting to feel warm. This past week the two days I rode registered low actual temperatures of 3 and 4 degrees.  My co-workers, friends, neighbors and family all think I’m nuts; I miss riding regularly.


There are a few big rides I want to do in the Spring, but I’m not getting the miles needed.  One ride in particular would require some major preparation (miles, miles, miles).  I’m not sure I’ll do that one anyway because it’s logistically a pain in the ass.  I don’t have an indoor trainer, but I’m considering one.  I really dislike pedaling (inside) nowhere.

But it’s cold outside and the next storm is happening right now. I’ll be driving to work again tomorrow.  It’s February now, but as my husband said, this is the month in which he always did his most snow mobiling….Come on Spring!

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