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The Rewards of 2015


I ride my bike….a lot. I keep track of the mileage all the time. I don’t know why I track it, but I do. It’s kind of an ocd thing.

In 2014 I rode 8300 miles. In 2015 I wanted to beat that number. As the year came closer to the end I knew I was going to beat that 8300; in fact, I had it beat in November. Now what?

Try for 9000? December mileage in PA depends heavily on the weather. I got lucky. It was mild. Hell, it was 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, but the holidays also make it difficult to get out and ride. I rode steadily all month. My longest ride was only 39 miles and by New Year’s Eve day I only needed 14 miles (to reach 9000) and I had to work that day. My commute is about 24 miles round trip. I did it! And I came home the long way. 9013 total miles for the year.

My biking friends knew I was going for 9000. Most of them (the hardcore bunch) rode around 4000-6000 miles for the year, so some of them thought I was a little crazy for going for 9.

We all met for bagels on a Saturday morning in January and they presented me with the tacky trophy and a Shut Up Legs t-shirt. I ride with a great group of people.

So, now what? 10,000?


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Just Keep Pedaling

30 days of biking September bonus round. Day 14.

One of the perks of climbing is the view.


Climb number 2

I took the day off and rode the Triple Bypass route with some friends.  It starts flat (with a bonus headwind), but then you go up and over 3 climbs of 1000+ feet. One after another.  I told myself to “Just keep pedaling.”  I almost made it. The first climb kicks to 19% at the end. My legs were still tired and heavy from Saturday’s race and Sunday’s ride.  The sleeves were down. With the top almost in sight I cracked and said “That’s it.” I was off the saddle and walking for about 50 yards.  The five of us regrouped at the top, I pulled the sleeves back up and then descended.


Top of the first climb

There was a gorgeous and breathtaking scenic overlook just a few hundred feet down the road.  Staying true to road cycling style, we did not stop to enjoy the view.  It was a long, surprisingly cold (freezing) and fast drop.  A short stretch of flat(ish) road and we were climbing again.

This next one was longer, but not as steep.  Just keep pedaling.  This time it worked.  I kept pedaling. The hill kept going up. The sleeves came down. My memory is already fading about the climbs.  The second and third are blurring together. There were more views to behold.  Then the sleeves went up and we went down, down, down again.


Ready for the first big descent

This time we had a little bit more flat terrain, but it was among traffic in South Williamsport.  We stopped for drinks, snacks and a restroom.  With our bottles full we pedaled out of South Williamsport then on to the last climb. Pull the sleeves down, just keep pedaling, another long climb, but again not as steep as the first. I kept pedaling all the way to the top.  Put the sleeves back up and start down again.  Beautiful views, but we’re not stopping. More traffic going down this time. The guys go so fast they pass a dump truck.  Susan and I don’t feel the need to pass the truck. We finally get down the hill and the guys are waiting for us.

The flat stretch back finally treats us to a tailwind for part of the way.  The guys are pulling us faster and faster. It’s tough to hang on, but we do. We make it back to the cars. What a ride!  We are officially ready for the Tour de Shunk century next weekend.  Just keep pedaling.

Triple Bypass

Triple Bypass

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The Bridge Ate My Wheel

30daysofbiking day 26 – What a beautiful day to ride! It was a little windy, but it’s almost always windy on the Sunday ride. I’ve determined that Sunday is the windiest day of the week.  

We were cruising along enjoying the scenery and all was well.  I even bought some new road tires the day before that Robert was going to help me put on after the ride. I’m horrible with road tires.  We were set to do 50+ miles.


Then we came to a covered bridge. No big deal, I ride over a covered bridge every day though, not this one.


This bridge has a low clearance, but we were on bikes so no problem. There was a group of people at the bridge taking pictures; I stopped briefly. 


When I started moving again I managed to get my front wheel wedged between two boards. It was stuck! I started falling sideways and quickly got my foot un-clipped from the pedal. I stayed upright, but I wasn’t quick enough; the wheel twisted as I started falling and bent the rim. Shit! 

That bridge wasn’t that different from the bridge I ride through everyday (below), but this one managed to eat my wheel and spit it back out crooked. Actually, I had to really pull on it to get it unwedged.


So, we were going to ride out another 5-10 miles before looping back, but that changed. We were about 20 miles from our cars and my wheel was rideable but wobbling so we headed back. I couldn’t help but watch it wobbling as I rode. It was hypnotizing and freaky. We slowed our pace just a little and tried to avoid any big (down)hills. 

We made it back without any further incident. Next we went to the R’s house. The plan was that Robert was going to help me change to my new tires. We got the back one changed, no point bothering with the front. They were also kind enough to loan me a front wheel AND keep the bent one to drop off at the shop tomorrow since I won’t have time (work). The R’s are great people!


I loaded the bike into my dirty car (bike hauler/grocery getter) with a new rear tire and a front loaner. When I got home I did a 5 mile loop to test it. Perfect!  Now to find out how much the wheel is going to cost….I got 7000 miles out of it, so not too shabby.

Thirty days of biking is going strong!

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Weekend Riding

Thirty days of biking is going strong.  

Saturday we did our first ride of the season in the mountains; one of those rides that make your legs ache for a while after.  I love those rides.  We started on a bit of a hilltop in the wind. We were waiting for everyone to show up and trying to talk each other out of riding in the cold wind. 

I was the only girl again as we headed up Austin Trail past my favorite barn art. License plates displaying America.   


 Then we headed towards the climb to Waller. Scenic. 


After the climb up to Waller and a pit stop at a church to use the facilities, we dropped down to Benton.  Then we headed up again. On 239 through Divide and a long steady climb.

 Getting ready for a very windy descent.


A few more ups and downs and we were back in Millville.  I kept up until the long downhill. I couldn’t go as fast as the guys downhill.  It was a great ride.


 Jacob and I did a short ride around town later that day.  There’s some flooding around the park loop.  



We looped back when we got to the covered bridge, went to Sheetz for a hoagie then home.  A 55 mile day for day 11 in 30 days of biking.  The weather is finally great for biking!

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