Errandonnee: You carried WHAT?…. A dozen eggs



3/7/16, Errandonnee No. 7
For the record, they are peanut butter eggs & there were 11 ( I gave one to my co-worker).

Someone at work was selling these beautiful homemade peanut butter Easter eggs. They are certainly “contaminated” for me (any food that is not vegan), but my family will eat them.

I tried to cushion the container inside a box. I nestled it in with my extra morning layers since it was 25° then and 60° now.


I secured the box on my rack with bungee cords. The box was even marked fragile…. Funny since it was a box full of latex free Band-Aids. I never realized how bumpy the roads are until I was trying not to scramble the eggs during the ride.


I arrived home with the box still secured to the rack. It was time to unveil them and check for damage.

Most of them ended up being deflowered and really beat up. The poor things. They were so nice looking before. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll taste just as good.



Category: You carried WHAT on your bike?
Destination: Home
Bike: Trek 520 commuter
Observation: The route home is bumpy.
Miles: 11.8


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Filed under Bike to work, errandonnee, road cycling

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