Errandonnee: Riding to lots of Brick buildings

Saturday was just a little too chilly to go for a group ride, so it was errandonnee time. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I went to a bunch of brick buildings.

3/5/16, Errandonnee No.2

I met a few people from the bike club for our regular Saturday morning bagels and coffee. We talk bikes and future rides.

Category: Social call
Destination: Bloomin Bagels II
Bike: Trek 520 Disc commuter
Observation: 9am was a great time to meet. The place was packed shortly after we got our food.
Miles: 1.9 total

Still 3/5/16, Errandonnee No.3

This was a reconnaissance mission. I headed downtown to the courthouse to see what kind of (bike) parking is available. None. I have to go to jury duty on Tuesday. I suspected it would be bike unfriendly, so I got a beater bike ready. I got a picture since there are no phones allowed on Tuesday and found out there’s no bike parking.

Category: Non-store errand
Destination: Columbia County Courthouse
Bike: Trek 930 hardtail Singletrack ( beater) with slicks.
Observation: No bike parking at the courthouse.
Miles: 2.1

Still 3/5/16, Errandonnee No. 4

On to the next brick building. I stopped by the health food store for junk food. Dairy free sweets. Every woman needs chocolate and my stash was dwindling.


Category: Personal Care (yes, chocolate is necessary for my well being)
Destination: Bloom Naturally
Bike: Trek 930 beater
Observation: The chocolate sale is over. I almost feel ashamed for shopping for my junk food at the health food store.
Miles: 1 mile

Still 3/5/16, Errandonnee No. 5

Next stop was to drop off the sewer bill. Save a stamp and go for a ride.

Category: Personal Business
Destination: Scott Township Authority
Bike: Trek 930 beater
Observation: I hate being an adult when it comes to paying bills.
Miles: 2.52

Still 3/5/16, Errandonnee No. 6

Final Errandonnee of the day. A quick stop at the convenience store.
Category: Store
Destination: Unity Mart
Bike: Trek 930 beater
Observation: convenience stores are good places for people watching.
Miles: 3.7


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