The Rewards of 2015


I ride my bike….a lot. I keep track of the mileage all the time. I don’t know why I track it, but I do. It’s kind of an ocd thing.

In 2014 I rode 8300 miles. In 2015 I wanted to beat that number. As the year came closer to the end I knew I was going to beat that 8300; in fact, I had it beat in November. Now what?

Try for 9000? December mileage in PA depends heavily on the weather. I got lucky. It was mild. Hell, it was 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, but the holidays also make it difficult to get out and ride. I rode steadily all month. My longest ride was only 39 miles and by New Year’s Eve day I only needed 14 miles (to reach 9000) and I had to work that day. My commute is about 24 miles round trip. I did it! And I came home the long way. 9013 total miles for the year.

My biking friends knew I was going for 9000. Most of them (the hardcore bunch) rode around 4000-6000 miles for the year, so some of them thought I was a little crazy for going for 9.

We all met for bagels on a Saturday morning in January and they presented me with the tacky trophy and a Shut Up Legs t-shirt. I ride with a great group of people.

So, now what? 10,000?


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