Thanksgiving Ride and a Twist

Thanksgiving is at my parent’s house 120 miles south. My husband actually had the holiday off and I had Wednesday off too.  So I decided to ride to Harrisburg Wednesday since we had to wait for my son to get home from school before we could leave; I got a head start.

The first 60 miles are fairly flat and kind of boring, but a longish ride in late November is a treat.


I picked up one of my favorite bagels (PB&J) on my way out of town and stopped halfway to eat. I felt like a hobo eating on the sidewalk in front of a store.


This is where the good old PA J route gets sketchy.  I’m certain the PA bicycle routes were not mapped out by anyone that rides a bike. If the person that designated this route ever did ride a bicycle on it, they would probably change it.


The J Route goes along 22/322 just outside of Harrisburg. Not fun!


There is a brief respite on a secondary road that parallels the highway.


I was finally off the major road and I needed a pit stop at Fort Hunter Park. My usual port-o-pot was gone!   I found another bathroom at the park that my bike fit inside. No worries about locking up.


I made it to Harrisburg with a little time to kill before the guys met me on City Island.  I rode up to the Capitol and took a few pictures.

It was getting dark.


I crossed the Wanut Street bridge on to City Island and did a loop around the island. The guys were there to pick me up and we drove the last 40 miles.

Shortly after we arrived came the twist. I walked outside and missed a step. I fell and twisted my ankle and foot. My first thought was the bike. Did I break something? Would I be able to ride? Ouch!

The next morning, Thanksgiving Day, we made a trip to the hospital to get an X-ray. I couldn’t put any weight on it.

Good news; nothing broken. The PA asked me if I could use crutches. I asked about biking. She hesitantly told me I probably shouldn’t bike for at least 72 hours. I could live with that.

We went back to the holiday celebration and had our Thanksgiving meal. No turkey for me. I brought stuffed acorn squash.


Crutches and an ace bandage. I suck on crutches.


Happy Thanksgiving.

I did wait 72 hours to ride, but only because I couldn’t carry my bike out of the basement. The steps and a bike were too much for a couple days.


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